The Twisting of Bible Prophecy

The Twisting of Bible Prophecy by Dave Batcheller The subject of prophecy in the Bible is quite fascinating and eye-opening. There are clearly hundreds of predictions in the Scriptures that have been fulfilled, with astounding detail and accuracy. At the same time, in the hands of the wrong people, the ... Read More

Bogged Down in the Swamp

Bogged Down in the Swamp by Dave Batcheller During his remarkable campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump repeatedly made a promise to the American people to “drain the swamp” of Washington DC corruption, gridlock, and politics-as-usual. In the process, he was able to tap directly in to the ever-increasing frustration ... Read More

Pseudo Patriots

by Dave Batcheller, September 2015. Many years ago I was impacted by a little booklet called “Pseudo Discipleship,” a somewhat humorous, yet penetrating message that exposed the many faces of half-hearted Christianity. A similar type of complacency and self-delusion deeply affects our nation in many other ways, including our understanding ... Read More

Exposing the Rapture Myth

by Dave Batcheller, written August 2015 The Christian Church has contracted a serious disease--one that threatens both its future and the effectiveness of its mission to the world. This widespread epidemic has been caused by the virus of a false teaching known as the “Pretribulation Rapture.” For many years I ... Read More

America on the Brink

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2010. The United States of America is facing a very cloudy, uncertain future. The Constitutional Republic of our Founding Fathers is being replaced rapidly with a hybrid form of government that contains elements of fascism, socialism, and democracy. Our political leaders have strayed far from ... Read More