America on the Brink

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2010.

The United States of America is facing a very cloudy, uncertain future. The Constitutional Republic of our Founding Fathers is being replaced rapidly with a hybrid form of government that contains elements of fascism, socialism, and democracy. Our political leaders have strayed far from the U.S. Constitution, and only a deceptive, razor thin veneer of our original principles of liberty remain. From a variety of directions, peril looms on the horizon for our once great nation.

On the heels of the greatest recession in three generations, the American economy is being propped up by imaginary and future assets. This was no accident or normal economic cycle. We have spent ourselves to the edge of an economic grave. These events have been clearly caused by fiscal irresponsibility, fraud and corruption. Our example and failures have set off a chain reaction of economic woes around the world, as nations struggle to maintain solvency.

The answers provided by our politicians and our government have been massive corporate bailouts, more spending, greater debt and increased taxes. Always adept at double talk and shifting the blame, our leaders refuse to come clean and admit that they themselves have caused these problems! We must work tirelessly to expose the schemes and hidden agendas of those trying to destroy America and bring us into a global economy.

On the international front, America continues to struggle with our image, our economic edge and waning levels of support from other nations. We continue fighting two wars while attempting to police the entire planet. Escalating tensions in the Mid East threaten to erupt at any moment, while other nations like China are content to swallow us one bite at a time.

Here at home, families struggle to make ends meet with higher prices and a greater tax burden. Millions have lost their jobs and their homes. The yet-to-be-seen ramifications of government controlled universal health-care will undoubtedly add to our misery in the days to come. The war on drugs has taken a turn for the worse, especially at our southern border. The influx of millions of illegal aliens over the past few years has placed an added drain on our system, and the prospect of these people receiving amnesty from the government is very real. As if all this were not enough, many known terrorist cells are growing and training right here on our own soil.

In the end, it is government that gains more and more power or control over our lives. While promising change, security and prosperity, they deliver only the chains of tyranny through suffocating taxation and regulation. Over and over again, we witness the government’s incompetence and inability to deal with any kind of emergency, from 9-11 to Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf Oil Spill. Yet they insist we are much safer now – that hope and change are on the way. In reality, we are increasingly more vulnerable, from so many different directions. The light of liberty flickers on inside us when we begin to realize that many of these emergencies are either orchestrated or utilized by the government to gain a stronger grip on us.

As more and more Americans wake up to the deception and the plight of our Republic, the tide is turning in our favor! Patriots everywhere are standing up and speaking out. Many of the States are fighting back, refusing to be controlled and manipulated by the federal government. As a result, our voice and our message are being heard. We are running out of time, folks. We must not grow weary in this struggle. It is time to yell louder, press harder, and resist tyranny at all costs.

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