American History Revisited

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2006.

Do you remember (at least vaguely) learning about American history in school? The endless lists of dates, places and names, along with class deadlines, produced for most of us a very superficial survey at best. We could hardly remember after the class was over, let alone years later. Most of us tolerated American history and government classes, while swallowing whatever tidbits of information were given, without questioning their accuracy. Those few who have actually studied more on their own have often discovered the permeation of glaring inconsistencies and intertwining biases present in many historical renditions of our nation’s development. Allow me to challenge your acceptance of the status quo version of American history. Please try to be open-minded as you evaluate this information.

America’s Roots

Contrary to the rewritten version of American history that most of us learn, our nation was birthed in a cauldron of oppression, over-taxation and spiritual revival. We remember “Thanksgiving Day”, but most of us have forgotten the reason why the Pilgrims came to America. We learn about “patriots”, even though to the British our heroes were “rebels”. We studied about the strength and character of our Founding Fathers, but not about their personal faith or devotion to God. Most of us do not realize that a spiritual revival known as the Great Awakening had swept through the American colonies in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War. And few of us grasp the real issues our forefathers struggled with in the context of this period. To separate the foundation of this nation from its Christian heritage is ludicrous and reveals tremendous ignorance or bias.

America’s Fruits

The framers of our Constitution charted a new course for this nation; one which has been gradually undermined and modified to such a degree that it now bares little resemblance to their original intention. Today, instead of independence, we have unprecedented controls imposed upon us by our federal government. Instead of freedom from taxation, we now work nearly five months of each year just to pay for the ever increasing demands of government and it’s far reaching programs. Unlawful spying, searches and seizures, challenges to the rights of Americans to bear arms, and direct attacks on those holding to the Christian faith are all increasing. We are horrified by the Jewish holocaust of World War II, yet the slaughter of unborn infants in this country has far surpassed this atrocity and still continues. While decrying the “evils” of communism around the globe, our nation has gradually become very socialistic, with government redistribution of wealth through a multitude of welfare programs and personal income taxation. Despite all of this, the wealthy still develop schemes to shield and protect their riches; the poor still struggle to make it through life; and those in the middle class increasingly bear the brunt of the load for everyone. And perhaps most importantly, while our nation slides into moral chaos, we are now experiencing a gradual, yet determined effort to eradicate every tie and mention of God from our government and cultural affairs by a twisted misinterpretation of the “separation of church and state”.

A Democracy or a Republic?

“And to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” Most of us remember these words from our Pledge of Allegiance, yet few of us have probably contemplated their meaning, or just how far we have drifted from the meaning of these words. A pure democracy, wherein the majority of people would dictate every law and standard would inevitably lead to injustice and the servitude of those in minority positions. Our founding fathers were intelligent men who evaluated different forms of government, and then purposely forged a new form of self-government to represent and protect the liberties of all Americans. This protection was against mob rule (majority/democracy), anarchy (no law), and the tyranny of a centralized government or monarchy. Our original form of government was a republic, or confederation of colonies/states that voluntarily joined together for the benefit of mutual support and strength. In revolt against British tyranny, the colonies/states created the federal government to serve and facilitate their shared goals. Having just revolted against a tyrannical, centralized government, it is unimaginable that they would have ever envisioned our federal government as it is today.

Our “Manifest Destiny”

Because America was viewed as a huge, wide open territory of opportunity by explorers, colonists and settlers, a notion developed and took firm root in this country that it was the “manifest destiny” of the United States to occupy and control all territory in North America between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In the wake of this determined expansionism, and fueled by a new found independence and sense of superiority, entire cultures such as Africans forced into slavery, the “rebels” of the Southern states, and the so-called “uncivilized” native Indian nations were all subjugated. Lands and territories were bought, stolen, or fought for until the land was eventually controlled “from sea to shining sea”. Somehow our nations’ true destiny, which was birthed in spiritual renewal and freedom, shifted from modeling to the world a new form of government based on Judeo-Christian principles, and was swallowed up by the lust for power and possessions.

Human Nature Unleashed

Jesus Christ often declared that the source of all evil proceeds from within the hearts of men and women (see Mark 7:20-23). When left to human nature, people will eventually succumb and revert back to base desires such as greed, lust, prejudice and hatred. The history of mankind is filled with accounts of this arrogant and self-destructive behavior. How easily we remember the glorious highlights of our rich heritage, while forgetting the atrocities of evil deeds committed in the name of America, progress, or even God Himself.

Abuse and Scandal at the Highest Levels

Just as in Biblical times, we have also experienced the high and low cycles related to the moral character and spiritual devotion of our leaders and the nation. The blessing of God only rests upon us to the degree that we remain faithful to Him and obedient to His Word. Our spiritual decline and the rising humanistic philosophies should sound a clear alarm to anyone who really cares about our country. In the same way as taxes, crime, violence and immorality are increasing rapidly, so there is also a marked increase in the abuse of government authority and scandalous behavior among our leaders and politicians. All three branches of our government today have departed from the Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers. The system is now permeated with political maneuvering, power struggles, and corruption at nearly every level. These tides must be turned, and it is up to us, “We the People”, to hold our leaders accountable and make the necessary changes.

Where Are We Headed?

Without another spiritual “Great Awakening” in America, we appear to be headed for serious trouble – an internal, ideological fracture and the possible self-destruction of our culture. And it ought to be obvious that our greatest threat or enemy is not some terrorist group or foreign nation, but rather it is we ourselves. We must once again rise up and fight for the principles and freedoms which made our nation unique and strong.

Calling All Patriots

Perhaps, if like me just a short time ago, you find yourself lulled into sleep or complacency, this article may send a jolt through your system. If so, I am happy, because perhaps another true patriot is about to be born; one who will joins hearts and hands with thousands of others who are emerging in this great nation to become an unstoppable force, bringing our nation back to its roots and back to God.

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