Beyond the Election Facade

by Dave Batcheller, February 2016

In today’s American society, many people have become cynical or desensitized because we have been so inundated with nonsensical behavior, violence, and corruption. The vast majority of Americans are ignorant of the vision and values of our Founding Fathers, as well as the Constitution they ratified with the expressed purpose of restraining the newly created Federal Government. As a result, the government is now a gargantuan monster whose tentacles reach into every corner of our daily lives. This example then trickles down to state and local governments as well.

Nothing demonstrates this monumental drift more than the fever pitch of an election year. Flowing with the ebb and tide of popular opinion, each election cycle candidates are paraded in front of the American people, like in a dog or pony show. Those who gain momentum, or the best image, or who are the most eloquent or charismatic, will win the favor of the media and the masses. We hear endless debating and mud-slinging commercials, yet deep inside we all know that politicians are not to be trusted. They have very clear track records. Still, we get caught up in the drama simply because we don’t want to believe the truth–that our leaders have succumbed to the same base instincts that have plagued mankind throughout history. Even within the Patriot Movement the focus of our activities seems devoted to the feeble hope that somehow elections are the answer. We clearly do not fully comprehend what has happened over the past 2 to 3 generations, or the gravity of our current problems.

Is This Election Year Any Different?

This year some things are a bit different. Multitudes of voters have become so irate that they are supporting unconventional candidates as a reaction to years of governmental neglect, abuse, and scandals. Yet what will actually change with another election? Does it really matter if a Democrat or Republican resides in the White House? Recent times have shown us clearly that even while having a majority in both houses of Congress, the Republicans have been incapable (or unwilling) to reverse the decisions and trends that are leading us into further Socialism, and consequently, America’s demise. As far as the Democrats are concerned, they departed long ago from any real concern to respect and uphold the Constitution or traditional American values. They truly want to reshape our beloved nation into something entirely different than our Founding Fathers envisioned.

While the issues being debated are more substantial than in recent years, the reality of a broken and corrupt political system remains. All rhetoric aside, both major parties are intent on expanding an already bloated and corrupt government. More than anything else, they want control or power. This is what the elections are truly about–yet few realize that the actual powers, lurking behind the scenes, are an elite group of world leaders and bankers. These people predicted long ago that they would take control by controlling our monetary systems–and they have succeeded! Our elections now represent merely the “illusion of democracy,” so that the people will continue to go along with their sinister plans.

This Tide Will Not Be Turned!

Personally, although mildly entertained at times, I am mostly nauseated by all the discussion and debates of this election year. I know in the end it will not matter. Our government has piled up astronomical debt and destroyed our economy to such an extent that it may be irreparable. Our leaders have ruined our reputation and example to the rest of the world, and have yielded repeatedly to huge corporations and special interest groups.

Most of us fail to understand basic human nature and the patterns of history. When societies allow themselves to deteriorate internally, in their morals and values, ruin is not far away. Greed and the lust for power are at the heart of the ills that threaten America’s future.

The political machine will win in the end–endorsing candidates who will ultimately do the bidding of the elite ruling class, not the American people. In reality, they will not represent us–our values or our wishes–they will merely continue to steamroll their agendas, while protecting their own power base at all costs. Even the attempt to elect a political newcomer or non-conformist will end in futility, because that person will ultimately be unable to cleanse or alter the political system. Historically, this type of tyranny has never been thrown off without a significant uprising or revolt by the people.

How to Move Beyond the Facade

Of course it is important to vote, but we must refuse to be deluded any longer. Many within the Patriot Movement still cling to the shallow notion that things will get better if only we could elect more Republicans or Conservatives. We spend far too much precious time and energy with this focus, while ignoring reality and neglecting other vital concerns.

So go ahead and vote for your choice of candidates, but realize that the problems with our political system are so deep that you need to take other actions as well. Many experts are now predicting impending crisis, chaos, or collapse from several possible directions. If you haven’t already, you should make it a priority to take steps to prepare for the times when things get much worse, or unravel. Here are some ideas for you to explore or pursue:

  • Learn and gain more knowledge about our Founding Fathers, our nation’s founding documents and history. This will be your foundation and empower you to take a stand for liberty.

  • Strengthen your spiritual life or connection with God, along with your family.

  • Adopt a new motto. As the old adage goes, “Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.” This is not only common sense, but also a balanced approach.

  • Make preparations for hard times. Begin storing extra food, water, and supplies. Take care of your family and loved ones. Get some basic training in these areas, as well as in communications, self-defense, firearms, and anything else that you feel might be important.

  • Reestablish a self-sufficient lifestyle. Make a concentrated effort to return to the way people use to live–doing things themselves, and not being so naive or dependent upon others. Consider things like gardening, homesteading, bartering, or even relocating away from major urban centers. If you can’t relocate, realize that even in urban areas you can still take steps toward real preparedness and self-reliance.

  • Get more involved in real relationships in your local area. The Internet has its place, but you will need solid friendships when things get tough. So get off-line more and get involved with others!

  • Help strengthen the Patriot Movement by connecting with others through networking, building bridges, etc. We are in dire need of much greater unity and resolve.

  • Become active in your local Patriot Community, and with issues that you concern you. This will help you to avoid the pitfalls of retreating into the unhealthy emphasis of just protecting yourself or surviving.

  • Learn how to share with others about the things you are learning. This also will help to avoid selfish or isolated living.

  • Become supportive of the efforts of groups (like Liberty Connection) that seek to unify, strengthen, and mobilize the Patriot Community across America. It is imperative that we build a grassroots network of resistance to tyranny across our nation before it is too late!

When one truly understands human nature, history, and the reality of what has taken place in America, we should be jolted into serious action. We must cast off our indifference and feeble hopes of restoring systems that have become thoroughly deluded and corrupt. By focusing on the right activities, we can better prepare ourselves for whatever may be coming in the near future. Failure to do this will eventually result in surprise, shock, and chaos, as America faces the inevitable results of the direction we have taken.

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