The Cost of Apathy

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2007.

America faces a greater danger today than the threats of terrorism, economic collapse or invasion by a foreign power. Lurking deep in the heart of America there is a much more dangerous and formidable enemy – APATHY.

Countless millions of Americans have allowed themselves to be deceived into thinking that the United States carries some magical immunity from the mistakes and cultural erosion that have caused the downfall of many other world powers throughout history. Our leaders have led us down this path, and soon we will pay for it. This naive, self-exalted mentality has created distrust and resentment around the world, while here at home we have sown the seeds of our own self-destruction.

As I have endeavored to educate and alert fellow Americans to the issues and perils that we face as a nation, I have seen the ugly monster of apathy raise its head too many times to count. Apathy shows it face in many different forms. It is often disguised with busyness or even patriotic sounding words. Apathy produces laziness, procrastination and a terrible gap between what people say they believe and what they actually do. This dual standard perpetuates a cycle of further delusion, compromise and indifference, as people must subconsciously justify their dichotomous behavior. The result of living this way is to become half-hearted and lethargic. This epidemic of apathy, if not halted, will most assuredly be the death of our free republic. At the same time, a national surgery resulting in its removal would begin our path to restoration.

Most Americans appear to be both ignorant of and unconcerned with the issues that threaten our future as a nation. Many things take the place of true patriotism in America, entertaining and distracting us from these crucial matters. Much more passion is demonstrated for sporting events, television, movies, parties, and accumulating wealth or possessions than for protecting and securing our national heritage and future. Our Founding Fathers would be quite ashamed of us! And God Himself would say that we have run out of excuses.

I often wonder what it will take to break the shackles of apathy, even for people who seem to somewhat awake or supportive of what we are trying to do. Will it be economic collapse, or further government invasion and control of our personal rights and property? Will it require another major catastrophe, war or the invasion of our own country? Will we wake up before our liberties are lost or taken altogether?

The cost of apathy is too great for us to remain in the quagmire of cultural sensitivity and political correctness. If we do not dislodge ourselves from the tentacles of apathy, we will soon find ourselves facing the uncertainty of a future controlled by corrupt politicians and foreigners, who have no appreciation for our unique American values or heritage.

We have truth and history clearly on our side. We already have the Constitution and the laws necessary to turn the tide. What we are lacking is the heart and resolve of dedicated patriots. Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Far better it is to dare mighty things than to take rank with those poor, timid spirits who know neither victory nor defeat.” I choose truth over popular opinion. I choose freedom above warmth and security. What will you choose? I urge you to reach deep within and rid yourself today of any traces of apathy. Then contact us so we can band together to save our great nation, and protect our future for our children and grandchildren.

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