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National Center for Constitutional Studies – Leading the way in educating Americans about the U.S. Constitution
Chuck Baldwin Live – Fighting for Constitutional government
Wallbuilders  –  Dedicated to the restoration of the constitutional, moral, and religious foundation of America
Let Freedom Ring – Promoting Constitutional government, economic freedom and traditional values
Patriot Action Network – Report truth – Take Action


World Net Daily – Stay informed – the real, unfiltered news
News with Views – Where reality shatters illusion
Infowars – Because there is a war on for your mind


Ron Paul Speaks Out – Former Texas congressman stands up for the Constitution
John Birch Society – Less government, more responsibility, and – with God’s help – a better world
Constitution Party – Defending liberty, the Constitution and the family
Libertarian Party – Minimum government, maximum freedom
Tea Party Movement – It’s time for some real change!


Focus on the Family – Helping families thrive
Eagle Forum – Leading the pro-family movement since 1972
Family Guardian – Dedicated to protecting American families


Bible Gateway – Read the Bible online
Crosswalk – Christian living resources
Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX
Joyce Meyer Ministries – Everyday answers for life

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