Opposing Tyranny in the U.S.

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2010.

Our Struggle

The United States of America is facing unprecedented perils and a critical decline in our unique culture, history and form of government. We are determined to take a stand against the forces, both foreign and domestic, that threaten our future and very existence. We believe that the normal channels for change, namely our government, politics, voting, the banks and the media have become so controlled, self-seeking and corrupt that they no longer represent the original vision or intent of our Founding Fathers, or the will of most Americans. In this state of total disarray, a realistic means of restoring and upholding the founding principles of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights is fleeting rapidly.

Today we find ourselves, just like our Founding Fathers, in the midst of a serious struggle for freedom and the future of our republic. We now face the agonizing choice of submitting to corruption and tyranny, or the relinquishment of our essential, unalienable rights and liberties. For us the choice has become clear, and we have no other recourse but to actively resist those who ignore or refuse to uphold the Constitution and who seem determined to reshape our nation into something entirely different.

Our Cause

The essential nature and purpose of American government is to acknowledge and protect the God-given rights of its citizens. Government exists and functions solely for this purpose. Our Founding Fathers clearly understood the evil tendencies of men, and they knew that governments would inevitably be a reflection of those tendencies. Left unchecked, the tyranny of government will continue to grow and consume the resources and liberties of the people.

Those early American patriots believed that man possessed unalienable rights from our Creator, and that it was the inherent right of the people to ultimately decide and direct their own government. It was their distinct understanding that our American form of government would thrive and succeed only with the consent of those who were governed. Just as they had done against the tyranny of the British Crown, these brave patriots held firm to the idea that it was the right and responsibility of American citizens to question or challenge their government. And, if necessary, to alter or abolish it in pursuit of another that would more accurately and fully represent their values.

Our cause is firmly rooted in America’s own history and quest for independence. This struggle resurfaced again less than a hundred years into our nations’ history when the Southern States chose to secede in pursuit of their own independence. Being squelched in their so-called “rebellion”, the rights of people and the States were forever altered and subjugated to a more centralized federal government. From that point onward we have witnessed the gradual and systematic erosion of our liberties, along with the relentless growth and intrusion of government into our lives. Recent events have led us now to the brink, a point of no return – unless the people respond.

Unfortunately, these changes have taken place very gradually and often secretly, so that the American people would grow accustomed to and accept them. Through the manipulation of events and shifts in our culture, we have allowed ourselves to become what we once despised. Our nation has now shifted dramatically toward secularism and socialism. Our leaders in both major political parties have abandoned the U.S. Constitution and appear determined to sell out America to globalism and ultimately create a totalitarian state. Along the way, they will sacrifice our liberties, our Judeo-Christian heritage, and our national security and sovereignty.

Our cause, therefore, is to restore the vision and foundations of our founding fathers. As they confronted, challenged and eventually defeated the greatest empire on earth at that time, so we also must develop the same conviction, courage, and resolve today. It is imperative that we find a way to unite all like-minded individuals and groups for this common cause, and to this end we now strive.

We Must Have a Sense of Urgency

Confronted with a multitude of imminent threats to our constitutional republic, those of us who have been awakened to the plight of our nation face one preeminent obstacle. As serious as these external pressures are, there is one threat even greater, and that is: Within the freedom movement, we are separated, disunited, and therefore relatively weak and ineffectual in resisting the ever-encroaching tyranny of our government here in America! For the most part, we are also ill-prepared for the imminent crisis which is about to engulf our nation!The answer to this dilemma is to network and build coalitions whereby we can, at some level, increase our effectiveness through collaboration and synergism. The best place to do this is in our own community and our own state!

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