Our Rally Point

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2009.

America is facing challenges that threaten our stability, prosperity and future as a nation. Simultaneously, from many different directions, we are being confronted with massive, mind boggling spending, debt and internal turmoil. The type of “change” being thrust upon us is driving us at reckless speed toward socialism, globalism and disaster.

Are the problems we face as a nation really just circumstantial, or a normal economic or political cycle? Are we to believe that our leaders, who also claim to be experts and the best ones to guide us out of this mess, are sincere and truly unaware of what is going on or why these events have taken place? Is the answer to out-of-control spending and debt really more spending and bigger government? Should we place our trust in those who have actually created the predicament in which we now find ourselves? I wonder if there just might be another, more plausible explanation.

We Are on a Collision Course

The sooner we accept and embrace the sobering reality that America is on a collision course, the better we will be. This collision course is caused by those who are intent on transforming our nation into something far different than the vision of our Founding Fathers. This is no less than a deliberate and even diabolical strategy to guide our nation into the chains of tyranny and an all-powerful government. There is a deep rift between the opposing world views and values of many Americans, and the government is forcing the issue.

We are living in turbulent times – ignoring it or wishing it would just go away will only ensure our progressive enslavement to tyranny. Most independent financial experts are sounding the alarm, warning of the imminent and total financial collapse of the economy. Every week legislation is considered or passed that continues to shred the Constitution, erode our liberties, and pave the way for a more pervasive, controlling government. The amount of money they flippantly discuss is staggering, and the deceptive concealment of the true problems and motives is alarming!

Fortunately, the people and the States are beginning to speak out and fight back. Through active communication, legislation, and protest, the voice of the people is beginning to rise. With the help of Almighty God, the people are, in reality, our best hope for survival and the restoration of our republic. But they must be awakened – in mass. And they must be equipped, mobilized and deeply committed to the cause of liberty in order for us to achieve victory.

Perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel is that these events are finally beginning to wake up the American people! The recent Tea Party demonstrations across the United States clearly reveal the mounting frustration and ire of the people. All over this great land, millions of freedom-loving patriots are not only waking up, but they are beginning to mobilize for action and real change!

What Can We Do?

Even the average person on the street knows something is seriously wrong, yet the paralyzing grip of ignorance, apathy and helplessness still needs to be broken. The people must begin to believe again that each person’s voice and effort does matter, and that they can together affect the change that is so desperately needed. We must revive hope and stir the patriotic passions of the American people. These fools in Washington, D.C. must be held accountable for their actions!

We Must Find and Focus on Our Rally Point

In the heat of battle, facing imminent threat and danger, soldiers are trained to regroup at a predesignated rally point. There they can reorganize and plan their counter attack on the enemy.

For years the patriot movement has allowed itself to be splintered or divided into a multitude of issue-oriented groups, all attempting to put out the wildfires of causes that they are passionate about. As important as these issues are, we must now find our common ground as fellow American patriots. This rally point is undoubtedly the foundational principles of our Founding Fathers, embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We may not agree on many other things, but on this we must be firmly united!

It is right for us to continue our struggles with all these individual causes. Yet it is time, I believe, for us to see the bigger picture, uniting together at this rally point. We can then work as one in a spirit of cooperation and gain the added strength and synergy of the mass movement that is needed to bring tyranny to its knees.

Rallying in this way will require us to refocus and prioritize, perhaps even to lay aside our narrow focus, pet projects and egos. If we do not, the risk of losing everything and the entire war is very real.

The Time is Upon Us

Now is the time for true patriots and leaders to step forward! No more talk or endless rehashing of the causes or problems. We must shift our focus to action and resistance! As a unified force, we now must begin the arduous task of taking back our country from the most powerful and corrupt government on the face of the planet.

With deep commitment to the principles of liberty, and with the fiery passion of true patriots, we must now draw the line and not remain silent or compliant. We may have already allowed this to go too far, but one thing is certain, we cannot and will not, allow it to run its course and destroy America.

Will you stand up now? Will you unite around these core values and rise up together for freedom and the American dream? My hope and prayer is that today you will hear the call and not turn back.

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