The Downward Spiral: Decline of the American Dream


In this compelling, sweeping look at American history and politics, Dave Batcheller paints a clear picture of where we have come from as a nation, and what we must do as American citizens to reverse the alarming trends within our culture and government.This call for true patriotism should be read by every American who is concerned about the future of our republic.



Excerpt from book:

A Call to All Patriots

Perhaps if, like me just a short time ago, you discover
that you have been lulled into sleep or complacency, this book
may send a jolt through your system. If so, I am happy,
because perhaps another true patriot is about to be born; one
who will join hearts and hands with thousands of others who
are emerging in this great nation to become an unstoppable
force, bringing our nation back to its roots and back to God.


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