Storm Clouds on the Horizon

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2012.

On the eve of another election, Americans are facing monumental choices at a very critical point in our nation’s history. This is not just another election. We are at a real crossroads, and while storm clouds are gathering outside, the future of America hangs in the balance. Unfortunately, the choices we face have become clouded by a barrage of empty promises, slanted political ads, and filtered media coverage.

For many, the choices, as always, revolve around a struggle to maintain or restore power within the traditional two party system. But is that our only choice? It is true that we are facing a choice between two entirely different views for America’s future – but it is NOT Democrat or Republican! It IS about whether or not we will uphold the vision and core values of our Founding Fathers, or continue our downward slide into socialism and becoming a secular society.

Critical Issues Missing from the Debate

While it may be somewhat true that the Republican Party represents the ideals of conservatives more closely than the Democratic Party, some crucial issues have been left out of the debate and struggle for our country’s future once again. We have been spoon fed information that is deliberately designed to ignore or sidestep certain issues. In my opinion, the Republican Party only slows down the gale force winds of the impending storm. So go ahead, if you simply want to reduce the speed down to 90 mph instead of 120! Maybe it’s just me, but the difference hardly seems to matter.

During this election year, for example, where have we heard a serious challenge to the Constitutionality of many government policies, programs, or expenditures in the national debates? Does anyone ever attempt to educate us about the Constitution or quote our Founding Fathers? Or who speaks out when the Bill of Rights is violated? Instead, we hear endless accusations and mind-numbing, conflicting statistics. Yet no real details are ever given as to exactly how their alleged plans would be implemented. All the while, over the past few years the American people have been set up for further government control through the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, Obamacare and the Dream Act, to name just a few.

Who will take responsibility for the recent recession, or for shipping American jobs overseas, while millions of Americans are out of work? Or where is the government’s accountability for blatantly unconstitutional laws and executive orders (by both parties)? And why are we ignoring the warnings of so many financial experts, who say we are still on the verge of financial collapse? Then again, whatever happened to the debates about 9/11, the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, or Obama’s birth certificate, or the “Fast and Furious” government gun running scheme? Or foreign debacles like Iraq, Guantanamo, Libya, Syria, etc.? I think politicians count on the fact that most Americans have short memories and shallow convictions!

Where has been any real debate about abortion, for instance? This blight on our society, as terrible as slavery, continues to take a back burner. Where are the real plans to reform the Tax Code, or Healthcare, or Immigration? Are there no Americans smart enough to figure out these issues? I tend to believe that the American people themselves could solve these issues, if we were not hindered by our own political system!

Why do we never hear other viewpoints, or see any third party candidates in the debates? Why have we allowed our election process to become so corrupt and driven by money, instead of an honest, open debate about the issues and American ideals?

I often wonder why no one will tackle these issues head on? Why will no one stand up and confront these issues with clarity and courage? Is it because some say it would be “political suicide?” I believe that countless millions of Americans would actually welcome this! Why has no one stood up to educate America on the principles of our unique form of government? Or expose the creeping evils of Socialism, Fascism and Communism that are being injected into the bloodstream of our nation? Yet no one speaks out the truth clearly for all to hear. We are left with only political posturing and carefully crafted statements (except when the candidates mess up, of course). All this ends up as undecipherable, regurgitated rhetoric, designed to get us through the election so they can continue on with business as usual.

For our election year entertainment, and to distract us from the real issues, we have been given instead a new type of reality show. One filled with drama, daily bloopers, and a bombardment of attacks and counter attacks, political maneuvering and side stepping. Most Americans know better, yet the double talk continues. We continue to place our hopes in a system that is thoroughly corrupt and needs to be overhauled from the ground up.

Yes, I do have a lot of questions … and so should you! Unfortunately, my questions continue to go unanswered. So I will persist in speaking out and exposing the very system that threatens our future.

The Ongoing Problem with Christian Voters

It continues to alarm me that Christian voters, one of the largest voting blocks in America, do not have the open mindedness or willingness to see through the manipulation and control of the two major parties and the media. And of course you have to look far and wide to find a Pastor who is enlightened and courageous enough to speak the truth. 
So we continue to vote for “the lesser of two evils”, believing and following the eternal rhetoric fed to us by the Republican Party. When in reality, the GOP is equally responsible for putting us into this dilemma, passing or upholding legislation which over the years has gradually undermined the Constitution, our personal liberties and our Christian values.
Christians who are still asleep and ignorant of these issues have no one else to blame but themselves. We are now reaping what we have sown by our years of passivity and apathy!

Facing an Uncertain Future

America has once again become a nation deeply divided. The obstacles to restoring our Constitutional Republic are huge, given the fact that well over half of all Americans have no concern about following the Constitution. Yet we must not yield or compromise our convictions! We must not give in to the temptation to merely slow down the gale force winds by “voting for the lesser of two evils.” We must become people who are motivated by deeply held convictions and a firm belief in the principles of liberty which made our nation so great.

For some time I have been saying, “just wait until after this election is over”; when all the hype and the dust have settled. It is then that we will see the true colors of those bent on transforming our nation into something far different than originally envisioned. What we have been through these past few years is far from over. Storm clouds are still on the horizon for America!

My advice is that you see through all the distraction and deception. Go ahead and vote. But you also need to take action NOW – take steps to provide for and protect yourself and your loved ones. Stock up on supplies, get your money out of the banking system as much as possible, and surround yourself with a circle of like-minded friends for mutual support. We have yet to see the worst and it would be extremely unwise to not be prepared!

If some people, who physically live in the United States, choose to adopt beliefs or a vision for America that is radically different, I say we should let THEM have their own country. They are NOT true Americans! I do NOT want them to continue to erode and change my country! I am tired of feeling like we are on the defensive, when history, the law, and common decency are all on our side! I will NOT yield my inalienable, God-given rights, and I will NOT live in this “other America” that they are trying to create! I will do everything in my power to resist this tyranny, and if necessary, fight and die to preserve what I believe.

If this means there will be conflict on the horizon, I welcome it, only because of the possibility that on the other side, there may be a restoration of the dream that gave birth to these United States of America. I have looked long and hard, and short of a miracle, I see no other way.

Yes, things are getting serious, and if you were not aware of this, it is time for you to wake up!

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