Winning the Struggle Against Tyranny in America

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2008.

Tyranny in America? This very thought escapes the realm of thought or possibility in the minds of most Americans today. We have been lulled to sleep while devilish forces have proceeded to gradually erode and subvert the values and principles upon which our great nation was founded. ‘Tyranny’ in the dictionary is defined by words such as “oppressive, harsh and unjust”, or “the cruel or excessive use of power.” This “absolute rule of government” now invades nearly every aspect of our personal lives and shows no signs of decreasing. As President John Adams once said, “The government turns every contingency into an excuse for enhancing power in itself.”

Today in America tyranny does not come in the form of a sole dictatorship – even the American people would see right through this and immediately revolt. Instead, the tyranny that we face is disguised in a convoluted, broken-down system which is propped up and controlled by an elite few in power. A very small minority of power hungry people, who are “elected” through an elaborately controlled process but who do not truly represent the people, continue to exert THEIR will and control upon the American people. While pretending to listen to the people, they seek only to “win elections” to preserve their own careers, power and influence. And then of course, behind these politicians lurks another elite group of people who really pull the strings – those who are rich and believe that money means control.

Nearly all of our “professional politicians” have completely departed from both the U.S. Constitution and the laws of God. We are left with a maze of deception, broken promises and the financial exploitation of the American people aimed at supporting the cravings of an ever-expanding government. Our judicial system is in complete disarray; our financial system is rapidly approaching the point of crisis and collapse; and our political system has become a farce in the form of popularity contests, media approval and fund raising capabilities.

Election Year Fever

Countless millions of undiscerning Americans have been once again swept along by the cyclical tide of election year fever. Fueled by rhetoric, promises and the media, our politicians continue to play their games, while largely unchallenged by the people. While candidates spew their opinions and promises, we watch them one by one drop out and give way to a predictable outcome. No matter who wins the elections, what difference will it really make if there are not fundamental changes made to our government?

In reality, we no longer have real choices or alternatives because both major political parties now hold to and promote virtually the same vision for America – larger government, overwhelming tax burdens, an astronomical national debt, selling off American industry and jobs, endless foreign entanglements, and the quest for creating a North American Union as a stepping stone to a global government. The alleged differences between the parties have been reduced to mere rhetoric and the mechanics of how to advance these shared agendas.

What alternatives are left for those of us who do not want to go further down the path of socialism, liberalism and complete moral chaos? The time has come for Christians and all true conservatives to really wake up and take an uncompromising stand for the truth! We must no longer allow ourselves to be fooled or deceived into following or supporting someone who merely claims to be Christian, but who does not bear the corresponding fruit in their life. In the political arena, the Constitution Party alone is left as our only real alternative.

Will America (and our Constitution) Survive Another Election?

This election year is indeed critical in determining America’s future. Many people believe that this year may indeed be a decisive or pivotal point in our nation’s history and our future. Of course we will have to wait and see what unfolds, yet in the meantime we had better take our heads out of the sand and start preparing ourselves for what looks like is coming. To remain passive and apathetic or to not respond with a white-hot passion for Christ and for the cause of liberty at this time is totally unacceptable. One day I believe we will each stand before God Himself and give an account for our actions.

It’s Time for another American Revolution!

The American colonists endured a long, heard struggle for many years against the tyranny of the British Crown. The vast majority of Americans, however, were not involved directly in this quest for independence and self-government. They were instead passive, neutral, or undecided in their support of the cause for independence. Many even remained completely loyal to English rule.

Throwing off the shackles of government oppression came at the hands of a very slim minority of brave American patriots who were willing to sacrifice all and shed blood if necessary for freedom. Most expects estimate this number at only 3 to 5 percent. With today’s population in mind, that would translate into only 160,000 people who would be determined to not let the power elite and the globalists continue the current erosion of our republic and our unique American heritage.

These men and women struggled for the cause of liberty in the classrooms, the courtrooms, through legislation, in Parliament, in the pubs, on the streets, and eventually on the battlefield. They were speakers, writers, statesmen, soldiers, and activists of all types. Together, with the favor and blessing of God, they prevailed and forged a new nation built firmly on the principles they outlined in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

“If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” – Samuel Adams

Finding and Uniting these True Patriots

I often wonder, “What will it take to preserve our republic?” Today we desperately need to see a similar band of people emerge and respond to the life-threatening crisis that America is facing. We must continue our efforts in all of these arenas, but it is also imperative that we develop an unwavering conviction that we need to unite and work together. As we continue to witness the erosion and planned transformation of our republic, it will become increasingly necessary for us to lay aside our own agendas, egos and individual pursuits for the larger cause. This may very well be our biggest challenge.

Where are the patriots today who will take a firm stand and risk all to save our nation? Where are those people of deep conviction, impeccable integrity, and unwavering faith in God who will lead us into the future? May Almighty God raise up among us those with the necessary passion, vision and wisdom to unite us and once again ignite the flames of liberty among the American people!

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