The Spirit of Resistance

by Dave Batcheller, written in 2007.

The brave patriots who struggled long and hard to establish the freedoms we enjoy here in America possessed many qualities which seem today on the verge of extinction.  Courage, sacrifice, honor, integrity, character, true faith and commitment are personal traits that most Americans today only read about or occasionally watch in the movies. For most of us, experiencing these qualities is not part of our everyday lives. The willingness to put ones’ life on the line for a cause, or for our convictions, has been largely forgotten in this land of affluence, constantly diminishing personal liberties, and political correctness. The freedoms won for us by those early American patriots now seem largely taken for granted, or even forgotten. And many good Americans still fail to see that what remains of the liberties guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is under constant assault, and their very existence is seriously threatened.

America today is indeed at a critical, precarious juncture – and what we do in the near future will determine our fate and destiny as a nation. The gradual, but systematic stripping of our rights is being imposed upon us by our own leaders and financial or business interests who care not for the average American citizen. They want us to trust them and believe that they are truly serving our wishes and best interests. All along we are being led down a path of servitude and tyranny, and very few seem willing to speak out or resist.

One quality which we desperately need to see rekindled before our Constitutional Republic is lost forever is what Thomas Jefferson called “the spirit of resistance”. Jefferson once made these startling comments, “the spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive”. At another point he said, “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”
Jefferson was referring to something present in the heart of those who were willing to sacrifice everything so that the American form of liberty and government would be born. It was a spirit of resistance to all forms of tyranny over the hearts and minds of men, imposed by those who would seek to control and exploit others. Our founding fathers boldly declared that God, not other men or human governments, had given all people certain unalienable rights. In their view, good government ceased to exist without the consent of the people, or when the system itself became corrupt and self-seeking.  They lived, fought and died so that these rights would be etched into the foundation of our Republic.

Today, America faces a multitude of serious problems, and what we hear from Washington is the drone of one message, regardless of which political party is in power. Not only do they want us to trust them, but the proposed solutions to these problems always involve a larger government, more taxpayer money and the loss of our own prosperity, rights and liberties. Alarming levels of national debt and trade deficits; the massive loss of American jobs being shifted overseas; the invasion of illegal aliens; and the emergence of leaders bent on creating a global economy all threaten our American sovereignty and way of life.

We have endured unconstitutional and destructive wars, a thoroughly corrupt and bloated federal government, and the socialization of our nation. Our option to vote to bring change is a controlled and deceptive farce. Our families and the very moral fiber of our nation have been allowed to deteriorate to such all time lows that, apart from a major spiritual or patriotic awakening, we appear to be headed for a national disaster. On top of this, we now face the prospects of life under surveillance by our own government; absorbing and caring for the millions of illegal immigrants; the construction of the NAFTA super highway through the heart of our own country; and the erasure of our borders and national sovereignty as our leaders deceive us into a North American Union. Staring us in the face also are legalized, but as of yet unimplemented provisions of the Patriot Act and other legislation; the introduction of the national Real ID, slated for 2008, and the looming use of radio frequency chips implanted into American citizens. A police state, controlling its citizens and powered by the greed of international bankers and other tyrants is approaching the threshold right here in America!

Where is Jefferson’s “spirit of resistance” today? Where are the true patriots who love what America is supposed to be and represent to the world? Where are the men and women who think, eat, live and breathe everyday with a singular passion to see true liberty restored to our once great nation?
Some of you will think I am either crazy or a fanatic. I don’t care. Some of you will know deep in your heart that I am speaking the truth, and that the time for saving our nation is running out. We must resist NOW, by every means at our disposal – by standing up and speaking out, through the political channels and the media; through protest, civil disobedience and any means necessary to be heard; in order to preserve our liberties, our heritage and our children’s future. Fear and the paralysis of denial caused by indifference and apathy must be defeated by faith and courage. The American people must be awakened in mass and then things will change.

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