What Type of Society Are We Breeding?

by Dave Batcheller, written May 2015.

There are many outward signs that a society is in serious decline. In America, an erosion has been taking place for several generations and the results are now quite evident everywhere. Even in my lifetime we have witnessed a tremendous shift in basic values and culturally accepted norms. Please explore with me some of the most apparent changes, which clearly demonstrate that America is rapidly becoming a breeding ground for societal disintegration and the loss of our original ideals.

Deterioration of the Family

One of the clearest symptoms of a serious national disease is the deterioration of the basic family unit. For quite some time now, the American family has been challenged, attacked, and gradually undermined. The widespread acceptance of divorce, the radical feminist movement, and the self-destructive legalization of abortion, whereby we have chosen to slaughter our own unborn, have all contributed greatly to this decline. Skyrocketing numbers of divorces, single-parent homes, and people living together and producing children outside of marriage were all terrible, yet these were still only stepping stones to what we are facing today. Now, the mounting pressure is for society to “redefine” the family, and to accept homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and other perverted lifestyles. This will most undoubtedly continue to destroy the once-strong American family. We are already witnessing the effects of these cultural shifts, but later, when we experience the full impact, it may be too late to save the family.

Declining People Skills

Another indicator of a society in decline is failing direct human interaction. This is apparent in America by the dwindling of healthy, relational interaction between people. Our growing trend is toward more dysfunctional families and less interaction with our neighbors. The extent to which selfishness and greed drives our society is evident everywhere. We also see an ever-widening gap between our knowledge and our actual practice. For instance, in spite of the abundance of information available through the Internet and widespread training opportunities, we still have, in practice, greater problems with healthy communication, emotional or mental health issues, ethical business practices, and even in providing excellent customer service. All these symptoms point to a real failure to hold ourselves accountable for how we treat one another.

Plummeting Morality

As America continues its abandonment of our Judeo-Christian roots and standards for morality, we do so at our own peril. For example, when we forsake following the Ten Commandments, what will be our moral compass? Greed, sexual promiscuity, and scandals are everywhere. The present-day tragedies of mass shootings, racial tensions, and police brutality are also further marks of a sick society. In America, the introduction of amoral thought, cultural relativism, and “political correctness” has created a dangerous, slippery slope that cannot possibly lead to a better place. Where will it stop? And who will decide what is right and wrong? Before long we will be forced to consider options and behavior that are even more unthinkable and perverse that we can imagine.

Blurred Reality

Another sign that I have noticed is what I call the Blurred Reality created by the media, especially through advertising, entertainment, and the Internet. This blur causes us to be led along by others who have learned the art of influencing or controlling others. We become not only consumers, but ultimately pawns in a much larger game. Advertising has long been a deceptive master of influence and persuasion, whatever method is used. News reporting creates more blur by providing the latest opinions and informational tidbits, but then it quickly moves on to the next story. The Internet, of course, also adds to this blur because of the sheer volume and diversity of information and opinions so readily available. Television programing and the cinema continue to provide a steady diet of what people want—violence, sex, and shallow entertainment that distracts us from reality. In some cases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine if shows are being pulled from the latest headlines, or whether they are helping to create the headlines of tomorrow. In the end, the media continues to help promote the same cultural erosion that shapes America’s future. Unfortunately, in the process we become separated from reality and desensitized to the actual behavior, immorality, and violence that is being promoted. We are entertained to be sure, but we do not often consider the effect or consequences of what we are allowing within our society.

Loss of Basic Liberties

America’s Founding Fathers believed that certain rights were natural and inalienable, meaning that they were granted by God our Creator and could not be granted (or taken away) by other human beings or any government. These basic principles were incorporated into our Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Many of our Founding Fathers also believed that government was an ever-growing monster that would gradually chip away at these rights if we did not guard them with eternal vigilance. Increasingly, over the past 150 years especially, this encroaching process has given way to a larger and larger government, while our personal liberties have been shrinking. This often occurs so gradually that it goes unnoticed by many Americans. Within the past several decades, this process has accelerated to such a point that most individual liberties are now seriously endangered!

National Tensions

America is rapidly becoming a hotbed of controversy and tension. Racial tensions are on the rise as law enforcement becomes more militarized and brutal. We are constantly under surveillance and unwanted secret marketing efforts. Millions of Americans already live off government welfare programs, and we now force our citizens to pay into yet another government socialistic program (health care) that is destined to fail. Our jobs have been sent overseas. Prices and taxes keep increasing, yet our middle class is shrinking toward extinction. The majority of Americans now struggle to just get by. Our borders remain porous, not only to an unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens, but also to terrorists, who operate many documented cells right here in America. Radical Islam is on the march. Huge corporations and special-interest groups have mastered the art of controlling Washington D.C., which has become nothing more than a cesspool of government crime and corruption. We fight wars on drugs and worldwide “terrorism,” which we cannot win because our own government is involved and culpable. As the ideological rift continues to deepen here at home, we also are failing in our example and relations with much of the world. In all this, our culture cries out for “diversity” and “tolerance,” and our government itself is complicit in first creating or promoting many crises, only to then turn around and perpetrate these crimes against us, the American people. Our Constitutionally protected rights have been trampled on and are all but discarded. We are experiencing out-of-control government growth, and politics itself is now a cruel joke on the American people, most of whom are deluding into thinking that they still have a voice. Since 9-11, legislation has been passed to set the stage for the unfolding of even more sinister plans to control and enslave the American people. Where will this end? How can we stop it?

Breeding Our Own Future

We are on a collision course, caused by years of moral decline, government growth, and the gradual erosion of the ideals that made us a great nation. Our society is imploding and we are now breeding what our future will become. Dishonesty, lust, and greed now permeate our culture at every level. We have lost our way and we had better be careful! Many powerful nations have gone this way throughout history, and our time is running out. The pressure is mounting. Our economy is unsustainable. There are consequences to immoral living. God Himself will not stand by forever, as the nation He once so blessed and used as a positive force in the world deteriorates into immorality and chaos.

We Need Action, Not More Talk

Many fine patriotic Americans have already articulated and exposed these problems and their causes. Their efforts have typically been ignored or marginalized by mainstream America. What additional proof do we need that our culture is in serious decline, or that our government is lawless and out of control? Why do we sit by while our nation is stripped and then raped? Even now, most patriots who are aware of America’s crisis are still content to either rehash the problems or dwell on side issues and ineffectual responses. We are at the point where we must develop concrete action plans to awaken, unite, and mobilize the American people to launch a massive counter attack to this growing threat to our future. We must do whatever it takes! Please join with us here at Liberty Connection as we continue to pursue these aims. Take some time to explore our website further and then contact us today.

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